Circalendar 2013

Circalendar is a round calendar based on the concept of time being cyclic.
First edition 2013 was sold with the purpose of fundraising.

The printed cardboard calendar has a great feel to it on the thick 300g quality. It measures 317 mm in diameter and is printed on approx. 0.3 mm thick cardboard.

The calendar is inspired by native american philosophy where the understanding of time is circular – that everything happens in cycles.
Different energies are going on during the year, connected to the four corners of the world and the seasonal cycles.

The Circalendar Brochure
Download the pdf brochure in danish or english by clicking one of the links below
circalender brochure eng
circalender brochure dk

circalender explanation

The fundraising
Together with 12 other brave students I have been part of a training called Art of Dreaming. We  learnt deep and powerful tools for authentic inner and outer leadership. The teachings are part of an ancient tradition called the Delicate Lodge Teachings that has its origins in native America.

It is all an amazing and powerful journey in itself. In may 2013 we went to Tulum, Mexico for the finishing ceremony with our teacher and guides.