Circalendar 2015

Circalendar 2015 edition, the round calendar based on the concept of time being cyclic.

Circalendar is a round calendar based on the understanding of time being cyclic as it is seen in several ancient wisdom traditions.

Circalendar refers more specifically to the wisdom tradition called the Delicate Lodge Teachings. It is directly inspired by this Native American philosophy, where everything unfolds in cycles and builds on the sacred circle of the Medicine Wheel.
Throughout the year different energies are going on which are connected to the four corners of the world.

The 2015 design is about the four basic energies represented by the Sun, the Earth, the Plants and the Animals. These are playing the leading parts in the Story of Creation
of the Delicate Lodge:
Grandfather Sun: Giver of all Life.
Grandmother Earth: Ground of all Life birthing and growing.
Plants: Created by the interplay of Sun and Earth. Emotion made manifest.
Animals: Second born of the Earth and the Sun. Teachers of the instinctual realm.

Size: 317 mm in diameter. Printed on approx. 0.3 mm thick cardboard (300g).
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