Circalendar 2016

Circalendar 2016: The Human Elements

The 2016 Circalendar design is based on the medicine wheel called The Human Elements.

East: Spirit – the fire burning inside all living beings – consciousness, passion.

West: Body – our Spirit’s physical container on Earth – health and balance.

South: Emotion – a strong power in humans – ‘energy in motion’.

North: Heartmind – instinctual knowing – clarity, courage and action.

These are the manifestations of the four Elements in the human.
These aspects all needs to be nurtured and cared for to ensure health and balance.

Read more in the folder below. You can download it.

Download the Circalender 2016 folder explaining the design. Ready to print and fold.

The 2016 Circalendar was sold as part of a fundraising to support 16 seekers on a journey of deep studies of Native-American wisdom in New Mexico, USA.
Here with our teacher WhiteEagle Woman.