Circalendar 2017


Circalendar is a combination of calendar and Medicine Wheel. It refers to the Native American wisdom tradition the Delicate Lodge Teachings that goes back to the Mayan people.
Directly inspired by this philosophy where everything unfolds in cycles and builds on the sacred circle of the Medicine Wheel, it takes this understanding of time being cyclic into the creation of the round calendar.
As a Medicine Wheel, the circalendar is based on the Four Directions North, South, East and West and how these are aligned with the Solstices and Equinoxes, the astronomical markers of the year.

The 2017 design is based on a medicine wheel called The Four Attentions.
The Four Attentions strengthen our ability to focus our attention. They offer a pathway to expand our consciousness, each direction building on the previous in a fixed sequence.
They teach us how to focus our attention in a life growing way and make us ready for action.

Southeast: Be Present – focus on the present moment. Open, connected and appreciative.
Southwest: Guards Out – focus our thought and our intention. Align with, adjust and remember our direction in Life.
Northwest: Look for the Teaching – focus on what Life is teaching us. See the cycles, flow and learning.
Northeast: Let the Little Child Play – focus on how we manage our energy. Shift, change and grow Life.

Download the Circalendar2017 folder explaining the design. Ready to print and fold.

Diameter: 317 mm. Printed on approx. 0.3 mm thick cardboard (350g).