Silent Sightseeing in Copenhagen

When I first heard about Silent Sightseeing and Silent People I was exited. I immediately knew that I would like to take part.

silent sightseeing copenhagen christiansborg

Silence, and being silent, has through my life been an important element. For better and for worse. I have often felt that I was wrong because of being introvert and quiet.
In our culture silence is not a quality that is much asked for. It is even becoming increasingly difficult to find silence in our city lives and with all the constant media and digital possibilities. However we need to become more quiet. We need a better balance in our lives and allow ourselves the silence.

Silent People is a community of people who organize groups and events in different cities. On a tuesday in october I joined the Silent Sightseeing in Copenhagen for a walk.

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We met at the Central Station and walked around the city for a couple of hours.
I first noticed the sounds around us and how demonstratively noisy everything around us suddenly appeared. All my senses seemed to become sharper when we as a group moved around silently. It felt like we were becoming very slow and the outside world in contrast seemed very fast and busy. I saw new details in the streets that I haven’t noticed before. A tendency to look up more and see the top of the buildings, the lights and the sky.
I can recommend to take a tour. – Go see the city’s beauty with new eyes and all your senses.

Spread the silence!

Read more and participate on and join Silent People on Facebook.

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