Airports and cultures

Leaving my home for the airport and a long flight with 3 stops on a journey westwards already gives me a buzz.
Standing in line for the Copenhagen luggage check with a couple of sikhs speaking hindi makes me shiver, reminding me of my beloved India.
In Paris I smile again of joy, hearing two intello-parisians discussing in their well-articulated french.
CDGI am observing these people from all over the world, thrilled, again, by the diversity. At the same time they are cultures and countries that I know well. The thrill is also about the joy of recognizing what is well known?
Cultures meeting? in the airports? Not really, they are merely passing busily by one another it seems.

Later I am arriving in Atlanta, USA and experience another kind of culture shock, it is completely new territory to me and I find myself observing with an amazed kind of wonder.
First impressions – and lots to explore!

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