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Parkside hotel in Glostrup

I had a great experience diving into the hotel and conference world, working for Glostrup Park Hotel. As an aspiring marketing assistant this was my first job in this business (a part from dabbling for my own little company).

I got to design a new menu, the hotel’s new keycard and several on- and offline advertisements, updated the website and made a newsletter.

All the different hotel departments had a huge need for photography so I made sure they got a lot of new image material for their archives and future use: browse through the gallery below.

The website: Glostrup Park Hotel

Beauty bringer

I spent a moment with the guy who takes care of the maintenance and cleaning of the areas of the building where I live. He agreed for me to make a photo reportage of him while doing his work.

Every day there are lots of people, invisible for many, who are cleaning the streets and discretely taking care of lots of little tasks to create order and make our lives more beautiful.

There are many ways to bring beauty.

Changeable weather

Bright sunshine, overcast, rain, windstorm, snow, thunder, hail…

It may not be the summer that many people are longing for but I find it so refreshing when there are shifts and changes in the weather. Not to mention the dramatic skies with big dark clouds that you can be lucky to have. I admit to be a fan of such weather, as I also love a good thunderstorm.
And of course, there will be days where our tasks in life are easier with sunshine and a clear blue sky, certainly.

But there is something about the changeable weather that also feels like things are moving and shifitng, or able to, not only in our surroundings but also inside ourselves.

An opportunity to bring that inspiration from nature into our life.

Darkness project

In the middle of the dark winter time I found myself longing for images, portraits, that would reflect the darkness and quality of this time.
I LOVE this time of year with its calm and opportunity to be more introvert and reflected. Where it is natural for us to rest more and we feel the longing to hibernate, just as the animals and plants do.

So it became a photo project.
As it revolves around the feminine and Mother Earth, I have been searching for women willing to take part in this, to embody the power of the feminine qualities and the darkness.

Being a winter project it wants to happen during the dark time. As we are fast approaching the Equinox and the light is regaining its power I will let go of the project for a while with the possibility to come back to it in November.
Interested in taking part? Write me an email:

mother earth
primitive life force
raw power
inside / introvert / interior
life and death
hold the potential
the darkness and all that it contains of life giving as well as life threatening/, the unknown, the unseen, all that we fear and that which plays a part in shaping and developing us
the light in the dark

Keywords in Danish:
moder jord
det indre
liv og død
at rumme potentialet
mørket og alt hvad det indeholder af livgivende såvel som livstruende, det ukendte, det usete, alt det vi frygter og som er med til at forme og udvikle os
lyset i mørket