Grand Canyon South Rim

It is amazing.

The scale and depth of the Grand Canyon is vast, fathomless. You look and look – and can hardly see the bottom of it.
Glimpses of the Colorado River flowing deep, deep down are rare.

The changing light through the day creates an ever-moving spectacle of shadows, shapes and subtle changes of colours.
Grand Canyon on wikipedia.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

The first thing I did on my day in Santa Fe was to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. I just knew I had to go see it.
I already admired her work even if the flower paintings are not what speak the strongest to me, and I understood that there were other works to discover that are a little less known or shown.
I also wanted to do something on my own – and what a wonderful activity for my yearning spirit!

I felt such a recognition seeing her work and also very much the photos of Georgia O’Keeffe herself (by Aselm Adams amongst others), learning about her story and remarkable personality. Feeling we would have had much in common, and feeling inspired.
Seems she even had a thing with tea!
GoK_02    GoK_01
The paintings that made the strongest impression on me this day were those depicting the nature in New Mexcico where she lived. The mountains, Pedernal and the cottonwood trees – the same environments that I had found myself in for the last week.



Airports and cultures

Leaving my home for the airport and a long flight with 3 stops on a journey westwards already gives me a buzz.
Standing in line for the Copenhagen luggage check with a couple of sikhs speaking hindi makes me shiver, reminding me of my beloved India.
In Paris I smile again of joy, hearing two intello-parisians discussing in their well-articulated french.
CDGI am observing these people from all over the world, thrilled, again, by the diversity. At the same time they are cultures and countries that I know well. The thrill is also about the joy of recognizing what is well known?
Cultures meeting? in the airports? Not really, they are merely passing busily by one another it seems.

Later I am arriving in Atlanta, USA and experience another kind of culture shock, it is completely new territory to me and I find myself observing with an amazed kind of wonder.
First impressions – and lots to explore!

Shining Sundance

A few impressions from my third Sundance.
It was again a time filled with beauty: The forest, the people, the ceremonies, the community spirit and work.
We were blessed by the most amazing weather: sunny and dry with degrees up to 30°, very unusual for Denmark. Truly it was a SUN dance.
Shortly after the dance stopped, big dark clouds pulled up in the distant sky…

We put in a lot of work building up and preparing the camp, community and cermony – and experiencing it so rewarding in return – high magical energy. A new level. Everybody shining.

Our beloved Sundance Chief and teacher WindEagle is such a pleasure to have among us throughout the Ceremony. Here she is sharing her wisdom, speaking by the fire before the dance begins.
Below the Sundance logde after the dance. I love how the feet of the dancers stamp their traces of the eight directions into the earth.

Art of Dreaming Council Guides

The journey of becoming a certified Council Guide have come to an end.

As part of a group of seekers I have for 3 years been studying ancient native american wisdom. Starting out with Art of Dreaming, a 2-year programme focused on self development and inner leadership, 10 of us subsequently created an additional year for our own Council Guide Training which allows and certifies us to teach the tools and wisdom as Council Guides.

A year ago we were in Mexico  for the final Art of Dreaming ceremony and this year we had chosen to go to the beautiful danish island Samsø for our final ceremony with our beloved teachers.


We are now ready to go out in the world and spread the wisdom further. Here we come!

My aim all the way has been a curious desire to go deeper, explore and discover. Starting with myself.
Still is.

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The food photographer

A whole new world has opened up to me the last few weeks where I have been assisting food photographer Line Falck at work. An inspiring experience – and lots of nice food.

In her studio she has of course a kitchen and a lot of plates and bowls and other useful equipment.

The other day the cook in the kitchen was Mette Helbæk who prepared different dishes that all were with spruce or pine needles, it is primarily the fresh new tips of the coniferous trees that are being used and which are shooting at the moment.

What beauty to use what nature offers abundantly right here and now in the finer cuisine.

Sol Caribe Mexico

My two year Art of Dreaming training has come to an end.

To finish off we have spent 6 days in paradise in Mexico, connecting ourselves with the elements of water, earth, air and fire, animals and plants.

[ultimate-photo source=”flickr” type=”set” set=”72157633971154786″ uid=”70387739@N00″ size=”640″ style=”slideshow” num=”20″ slideshow_style=”2″ remove_np=”1″ align=”left” ]
Sol Caribe is placed inside the natural reserve Sian Ka’an south of Tulum on Punta Allen. Beauty is everywhere: the turqoise water, fine white beach with corals floating ashore, an abundance of animals in and around the reserve, sunrises and starry nights, wonderful food and lovely rooms and service.

Sol Caribe

November wonders

I shot the clips for this movie in november to capture and show the unique beauty of that time of year. Never finished the editing til now however… better late than never.

Amongst the things that fill me with wonder in november:
The striking naked trees. Oh majestic black silhouettes!
The golden colours going from pale yellows and greens over warm yellows, ochre, oranges and reds to dark reddish browns.
The wind. It may feel harsh and cold. It moves things around, shakes things up; changes, clarifies.
The rain and fog putting a soft veil or blur around the surroundings.
The darkness growing, inviting us to go inside, of our houses – and of ourselves. Introspect, feel, see.
November light in the season’s hues contrasting the darkness.
The beauty of withering plants, reminding of the harvest and flowering of the year passed. Seasonal sprouting and blossoming that will come again.
The busyness of the animals – think of the busy squirrel – gathering supplies for the winter.