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Kusama at Louisiana

20160106_0067b_H1000The Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Art made a big impression on me.
To be invited into her world of vibrating art with so much life – put together by repeated simple organic shapes.
20160106_0081b_H100020160106_0032b2_H1000Titles like ‘Infinity-nets’ speak for themselves. Above and below: “Yellow Net”.
20160106_0031b2_H1000There is such an intensity and insisting in her work. Bubbling abundant creativity for one. And a feeling of the expansion of the universe.

Istanbul in the winter

I spent a few days in Istanbul in January and am in awe about the diversity and hospitality of this city where East meets West. Wanting to return to explore more.

Crossing the Bosphorus, from Kadiköy to Eminönü

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Crossing the Bosphorus #2
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Grand Canyon – behind the view

20150328_0409b2_625x417In this second Grand Canyon post I want to show how the closer surroundings looks when walking around on the South Rim.
As a landscape architect I find it interesting how the edge is landscaped… and I haven’t seen any photos of it! So here are a few.

As a huge tourist destination Grand Canyon needs to accommodate lots of people. I find it interesting how to create a structure that can do that without disturbing the sights.

A growing paradox of the tourist industry, we all want to visit ‘untouched’ or ‘remote’ places.
How to manage that illusion with more and more tourists?
The paths and viewpoints along the rim are made as natural-looking as possible, using natural stone, and often a bit rough and cut into the stone. Pathways are meandering naturally between trees and rocks. It all works beautifully and doesn’t disturb the views.

The Grand Canyon Village is the ‘downtown’ with the most people coming through. There are buildings containing restaurants, hotels, shops and exhibition spaces. It can seem a bit as a circus, overwhelming with activities and people, but it is quite harmonious and well-made and with respect for the place and its beauty.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe feels natural and like home to me from the beginning.

It is one of the first towns that I visit in the US, this being my first trip to the ‘real’ America, the US outside New York City.

When I landed in Atlanta airport for a change of flight I experienced a kind of cultural shock meeting this ‘real’ America. Still wondering what it is about, I have gotten a taste about some cultural differences that seem bigger than I thought, between Europe and USA.

Santa Fe is a beautiful town with great atmosphere and food, one of the oldest towns in the US.  The buildings are in the traditional Adobe building style of New Mexico. Adobe is the Spanish word for mud brick, and these bricks were originally used to make Pueblos – Native American communities.

Enjoy the beauty in these photos, from mostly around the Central Plaza where the Indian market is:

Southwest road trip

Traveling on the road, I love it immensely.
First time on the road in the US – and not the last I am sure!

Browse through the mass of (road) photos I will be posting – ongoing – in the flickr album: