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Changeable weather

Bright sunshine, overcast, rain, windstorm, snow, thunder, hail…

It may not be the summer that many people are longing for but I find it so refreshing when there are shifts and changes in the weather. Not to mention the dramatic skies with big dark clouds that you can be lucky to have. I admit to be a fan of such weather, as I also love a good thunderstorm.
And of course, there will be days where our tasks in life are easier with sunshine and a clear blue sky, certainly.

But there is something about the changeable weather that also feels like things are moving and shifitng, or able to, not only in our surroundings but also inside ourselves.

An opportunity to bring that inspiration from nature into our life.

Circalendar for the year 2015

December turns out to be a busy month each year – and my release of the new Circalendar doesn’t make things less busy, there is a lot to do: updating the website, do marketing, print the folders, getting it out to different places, receive and answer emails and questions, pack it, send it off, look for places/shops that will sell it… 

It is a lot of fun though :-)

At the same time we are in the middle of the Kiva time where it is in our nature to become quiet and more in the being state and less in the doing.
A paradox that is well-known in our culture with all the crazy christmas pressure.

Learn more and how to get it on the Circalendar page.

Airports and cultures

Leaving my home for the airport and a long flight with 3 stops on a journey westwards already gives me a buzz.
Standing in line for the Copenhagen luggage check with a couple of sikhs speaking hindi makes me shiver, reminding me of my beloved India.
In Paris I smile again of joy, hearing two intello-parisians discussing in their well-articulated french.
CDGI am observing these people from all over the world, thrilled, again, by the diversity. At the same time they are cultures and countries that I know well. The thrill is also about the joy of recognizing what is well known?
Cultures meeting? in the airports? Not really, they are merely passing busily by one another it seems.

Later I am arriving in Atlanta, USA and experience another kind of culture shock, it is completely new territory to me and I find myself observing with an amazed kind of wonder.
First impressions – and lots to explore!

Opening the wheel

Early winter morning on Møn.

Opening the wheel at the last Ceremony of our Council Guide Training on Møn in early february.

For the final Ceremony we are going to Samsø, another beautiful danish island.

Morning walk

green sunriseGetting up and out in the morning has become one of the key elements in my well being and personal growth the past few years. I stand much stronger in myself when I have been out and in contact with nature, better prepared for the events of the day.

It is both a small daily adventure in the local environment, and ALL about presence, sensing and awareness of the surroundings, being mirrored in me.

The purpose is connection. To get myself connected with nature – and through nature the universe. I try to get out as early as possible to avoid other people. I reconnect by getting in touch with nature and then I am ready to see other people. A kind of meditative awakening.
raindrop blueberries
forest steam

When I have bad days the more important it is to get out. Nature is the best remedy against overstimulation, and can also help me out of plain sadness, low self esteem and depression. There is always some little wonder of nature to admire and appreciate. These walks have been a great training for me in appreciation and gratefulness. When filled with appreciation it gets impossible to be so hard on myself.

Nature heals and balances what might be in imbalance.

Photos taken in august and september by the Little Belt (Lillebælt).
edible snail
morning bliss

Dance to the Sun

It is time to Dance to the Tree of Life.
sundance_03In the high summer, when nature is at its fullest, it is time to celebrate Life. We people also are at our fullest now, in the light and bounty of the summer.

The Sundance Ceremony is a powerful Ceremony all about this.
sundance_01We spend time in nature and in this way we get closer to nature and the Earth. Through simple acts of coworking, building, sharing, being, drumming, singing and dancing we honour all of Life.

It is a deep and magical time. The most meaningful and beautiful time I know.

There is deep healing and power in the drum and in the dance to the Tree of Life.
sundance_02We give all we have: Joy, love, light, energy, passion, sorrow, pain, wounds, doubt, fear…
Prayers. We give, receive and transform.
Connected to the Earth, the Universe and Nature and all her beings. Praying. Loving. Living.

English Tea Magic

Venice Art Biennale, Giardini.

I was in need for tea and a seat, and chose to continue anyway because there was only a few hours before the Biennale area would close for the day. A lot of artworks and limited time.
english magic 01I really enjoyed the exhibition at the British Pavillion. The title itself was promising: English Magic – by Jeremy Deller. Already approaching the pavillion I got excited as I could just make out a large bird of prey on the wall inside. It was a huge painting of a hen harrier (blå kærhøg in danish, Circus cyaneus in latin). ‘A Good Day for Cyclists’ painted by Sarah Tynan.
english magic 06
I got even more pleased a few rooms later inside the pavillion: A tea room! You could get a cup of tea for free, and sit down and drink it either inside – or on the terrace which was open on the second day I visited (yes I came back!).english magic 03
english magic 05english magic 04Of course I loved this idea – and how it was so perfectly british. Plus all the art in the pavillon was deeply meaningful in an understated and poetic way.
The tea was PG Tips, and it was lovely, an english classic in tea bags.

The Japanese Pavillion also had a little thing about tea that moved and amused me. I won’t go into details, will just put a short extract from the artist’ notes: when you drink tea

A few links to the Biennale and the British Pavillion:
The British Council’s presentation of the show, Wallpapers top ten highlights, the Guardians top ten, the British Pavillion in The Guardian and the show’s central work; the film ‘English Magic’ by Jeremy Deller.

Potato harvest in a bucket

The spring was cold and late. My parents couldn’t plant their potatoes in the garden at the time when they usually would because the earth was still hard and cold.

potato harvest07Instead they planted seed potatoes in a big bucket in their green house where it was warmer. When spring arrived, the bucket was put out in the garden.
potato harvest01The 11th of june my mother could harvest these beauties.potato harvest02
5 seed potatoes were planted on the 27th of march in the bucket, and 4 of these grew into a family of potatoes, producing 1.5 kg!

It was the second bucket of two. The harvest from the first bucket we had enjoyed a few days earlier.
Notice the holes in the bucket, providing air to the earth.
potato harvest05

potato harvest06
1.5 kg of potatoes. At their best fresh from the earth.

Yucatan itinerary

Here is our travel itinerary for Yucatan. I have been thinking that it might be useful for other travelers, as we ourselves had doubts about the distances and time needed.
We came a long way in just 10 days.

We asked several people about distances and travel time to work out a realistic plan. It is not an itinerary that leaves loads of time in all places and we could definitely have used a few days more in most of the places. Our days were long and we spent a lot of time in the car.

However it was all justified as we enjoyed to experience the differences between the flat northern Yucatan peninsula to the highland in the south. We loved the changing landscapes, the lush humid rainforest at Palenque and the bright cool highlands as well as the dry north with its endless jungle stretches, beaches and cenotes…
in front of our jeepFirst we spent 10 days around Tulum in a larger group. Then 10 days on the road. In hindsight we could have used one to three of the Tulum days on the roadtrip instead.

2 may: arrival Cancun, Hotel Marriot Courtyard
3-8 may: Punta Allen: Sol Caribe, Sol Caribe
9 may: Tulum Pueblo (Center), Tankah Inn
10 may: Tulum ruins + Tulum Playa, Tankah Inn
11 may:Coba ruins + Gran Cenote, Tankah Inn
12 may: drive Tankah – Palenque, Margarita&Ed
13 may: Palenque ruins, Margarita&Ed
14 may: drive Palenque – Misol Ha – San Cristobal, Na Bolom
15 may: San Cristobal de las Casas, Na Bolom
16 may: drive San Cristobal – Agua Azul – Palenque, Margarita&Ed
17 may: drive Palenque-Sabancuy-Celestun, Hotel Los Manglares
18 may: Celestun – Uxmal, Hacienda Uxmal
19 may: Uxmal – and arrival at Chichén Itzá, The Lodge at Chichén Itzá
20 may: Chichén Itzá – and arrival in Valladolid, Casa Hamaca
21 may: Valladolid – Cancun Airport

Below the map overview from my sketch book. yucatan itinerary sketch