Clearing out

This summer I have been spending a lot of time cleaning up and clearing out in old stuff. In my parents spacious basement I have stored heaps of things from a good part of my life.

Admittedly, I am a collector. And my parents are too. I have clothes that are from my teenage years – around 25 years old. This has proven valuable through the years, where an old item could be gathered from the hidings and brought to new use.
Yet I have felt the need of cleaning up and letting go of for a long while.
However when I have tried to approach the piles and start looking through it all, I would typically get into a heavy, draining energy and a bad mood.

This summer, time has been available to me, and I am celebrating to have managed to get through all the boxes!
At first it was still challenging this time too, draining me in the first attempts. By starting with small bits here and there, and the possibility to take it easy – I slowly got into the process of it and began to feel the energy rising in doing so.
Amazed to see the pattern change from the draining heavy energy to a light and life growing one, the more I cleared out and was able to throw away.

I have thrown away tall stacks of books and an infinite number of sacks full of paper. Sacks of clothes and piles of old CDs. I still keep some stuff, but now better organized and hopefully easier to find the way through.

Then I am impressed by the number of letters we wrote in the nineties! It was before all communication became digital, on the edge of the millenium. I feel inspired to start writing more letters. They are beautiful proof and souvenirs of friendships.

So… along the findings from different times in my life, I have been walking down memory lane in this period. Getting emotionally overwhelmed by the strong feelings and stories of certain eras. Certain of these memories needs healing, to clear the energies some more.
I am healing right now.

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