Dance to the Sun

It is time to Dance to the Tree of Life.
sundance_03In the high summer, when nature is at its fullest, it is time to celebrate Life. We people also are at our fullest now, in the light and bounty of the summer.

The Sundance Ceremony is a powerful Ceremony all about this.
sundance_01We spend time in nature and in this way we get closer to nature and the Earth. Through simple acts of coworking, building, sharing, being, drumming, singing and dancing we honour all of Life.

It is a deep and magical time. The most meaningful and beautiful time I know.

There is deep healing and power in the drum and in the dance to the Tree of Life.
sundance_02We give all we have: Joy, love, light, energy, passion, sorrow, pain, wounds, doubt, fear…
Prayers. We give, receive and transform.
Connected to the Earth, the Universe and Nature and all her beings. Praying. Loving. Living.

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