Food and tea in Charles de Gaulle airport

Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport, in transit between Billund, Denmark and Cancun, Mexico. Terminal E, gate K.

I have lived in France. One of the advantages of the country that I would normally praise is the french food and its high standard.

Today I am disappointed. It might be my own fault: I chose to walk into a foodcourt with a variety of different kinds of food on display. Asian, italian, sandwiches… The waitress seemed reluctant and the place was a large cold and un-pleasing space.
What schocked me was that she heated my choice in a microwawe!! A microwawe!
The food wasn’t good. It tasted like ready-made, artificial.

I am saddened and indignant that the french don’t take better care of their gastronomic traditions and famous heritage.

Then I had a cup of tea at organic café Exki (between gate 45 and 49) and I was happy again: excellent tea from Le Palais des Thés – Grand Yunnan Impérial. Fine round taste and no bitterness or acidic feelings. I didn’t need the small oatmilk portions that I got with the tea – so good was it.

I do know that airports (and food courts?) may not be the best spots to sample and value food. It is just that many people pass through here and may get their first impressions of the country. How come in airports it seems to be all about expensive shopping but when it comes to food it is lousy?

The long overseas flights are draining for our bodies and a bit of quality in the transit would be such a gift.


Excuse the photo quality – they are by iPhone.

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