Strange fruit

Chiapas, Mexico.
Two girls at the roadside were selling a pea-like fruit with a thick shell. macheton03They were sisters.
macheton01 The seeds inside are on the outside white and moist and crunchy and green inside. The taste is a bit like pea or nuts, with a sour lemony aftertaste that lasts a while.
It is called macheton or baino, they told me in Ocosingo. You can eat it raw or cook it and use it in for example salads.

We are in Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico on the road between Palenque and Ocosingo, on the way to San Cristóbal (20 km from Ocosingo, 114 km from San Cristóbal).

I found a list of unconventional fruits in Chiapas (in spanish). Might be interesting to look into later.

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