Get a colour boost in Århus

your rainbow panorama
ARoS rainbow changes the view on the town of Århus.

The luminous circle on top of the ARoS art museum in Århus works as an energizer for me. Experiencing the world completely immersed in brightly coloured light is remarkably wonderful and vitalizing.

The rainbow on top of the AROS Art Museum in Århus is a new landmark for the town of Århus as well as for the art museum. It is itself an artwork by the artist Olafur Eliasson, called Your rainbow panorama, and allows you a walk round and look out over the town through coloured glass.

Nothing like it

I haven’t seen anything like it before. The consistent use of colours is really a unique experience, and not only from the inside of it. Århus is a hilly town so you can see the bright colours of the circle from far away and in unexpected angles. I often get pleasantly surprised when it emerges around a corner somewhere in town; it makes a strong impression and I have to stop for a little and take it in.

ARoS Art Museum
The rainbow on top of the art museum is visible from many angles around Århus. Here from Vester Allé.

 Energizing colours

There is something both very calming and energizing about visiting the rainbow. The mix of colours, light and the position high above the ground all together has a magic effect on me. When I look at the other visitors they are looking just as amazed and especially the young and old seem to find their inner playful child, awe and wonder.

your rainbow panorama
Access from the rooftop.

Colour science

The rainbow is a whole study in colour. In this circle the contrasting colour is in the opposite side of the circle. Red facing green, blue facing orange and so on.

your rainbow panorama

Learn more about the Raibow and Aros here

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