Morning walk

green sunriseGetting up and out in the morning has become one of the key elements in my well being and personal growth the past few years. I stand much stronger in myself when I have been out and in contact with nature, better prepared for the events of the day.

It is both a small daily adventure in the local environment, and ALL about presence, sensing and awareness of the surroundings, being mirrored in me.

The purpose is connection. To get myself connected with nature – and through nature the universe. I try to get out as early as possible to avoid other people. I reconnect by getting in touch with nature and then I am ready to see other people. A kind of meditative awakening.
raindrop blueberries
forest steam

When I have bad days the more important it is to get out. Nature is the best remedy against overstimulation, and can also help me out of plain sadness, low self esteem and depression. There is always some little wonder of nature to admire and appreciate. These walks have been a great training for me in appreciation and gratefulness. When filled with appreciation it gets impossible to be so hard on myself.

Nature heals and balances what might be in imbalance.

Photos taken in august and september by the Little Belt (Lillebælt).
edible snail
morning bliss

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