New beginnings

Apologies for the low activity here lately. I have been busy – or rather I am getting more busy, stepping up in activity level which is great and a needed lift in my life.
As the true introvert I am I need big chunks of time dedicated to deeper work like writing or getting ideas for the blog.

It is a new life in many ways.

I have moved back to Copenhagen after 3 years away. Coming back seems to be an opportunity to look at what happened when I left. That was a time of endings: A relationship ended and I had lost a job (again). I had been in a state of low and depressed energy for a long time and it felt as if the world had gotten very small.

I felt a huge need of seeing new horizons – to get some fresh air and inspiration and to expand my view and understanding of the world – to make it bigger again.
And to find hope that the world that I had known was not all there was.

I decided for India and went traveling, just me and my backpack for 8 weeks.

India was perfect. The world showed herself in new and marvelous ways. An opening up to completely different cultures and ways, hope, love, gratitude. Relieved that here is so much more than what we see in the western modern world and so much richness we can’t imagine.
Through India the world grew new, big, beautiful and full of love again. Actually India is worth many posts of her own. It is a mysterious country where love flows in the streets. At least if you are open to it.

Here just a few. Many more photos from back then are in my flickr set India.

1 thought on “New beginnings”

  1. Hej Dot
    Det er så dejligt at ræse din blog. Jeg elseker ræse din tekst i Tokyo.
    Dine poto er også dejligt at se!

    Min ven, japansk fotografer, der hedder Satoshi Asakawa. Jeg synes at du skal se hams nogle billederne!
    Han er dejligt man!

    Vi ses i næste gang i Danmark eller anden stader!
    med kærlig hilsen

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