Potato harvest in a bucket

The spring was cold and late. My parents couldn’t plant their potatoes in the garden at the time when they usually would because the earth was still hard and cold.

potato harvest07Instead they planted seed potatoes in a big bucket in their green house where it was warmer. When spring arrived, the bucket was put out in the garden.
potato harvest01The 11th of june my mother could harvest these beauties.potato harvest02
5 seed potatoes were planted on the 27th of march in the bucket, and 4 of these grew into a family of potatoes, producing 1.5 kg!

It was the second bucket of two. The harvest from the first bucket we had enjoyed a few days earlier.
Notice the holes in the bucket, providing air to the earth.
potato harvest05

potato harvest06
1.5 kg of potatoes. At their best fresh from the earth.

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