Preparing for the tree

The tree is waiting.

I am spending 10 days and nights in nature, living in my tent in a forest in northern Jutland, Denmark. Together with a group of people we are building a small temporary community of around 50 people. All installations are removed when we leave, leaving no trace, only more beautiful.

sundance sunriseOur preparations have as objective the actual Sundance, a deep ceremony of dancing, drumming and singing.

The center of the dance is a tree; symbolising Life and the connection between earth and sky. Body and spirit.
We are dancing to and around the tree to celebrate life and by doing so creating a high vibration of energy that will spread out and bring life and heighten the vibrations around the planet.
Deep down we are doing our part in creating a better world with all the work we put into this ceremony, the preparations and support, prayers, intentions, dancing, drumming, singing.

sundance_03These days I am tuning in to what I am bringing to the tree this year. What is my prayer, my giveaway and what do I wish to develop, what am I working with in myself?

Last year I experienced huge healing and growing my power through giving my pain, sorrow and old wounds to the drum and tree. Getting fresh energy and power back in the most beautiful way.

This year I am holding a question about how to create flow and make my life work.
What am I REALLY here for?

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