Southwest road trip

Traveling on the road, I love it immensely.
First time on the road in the US – and not the last I am sure!

Browse through the mass of (road) photos I will be posting – ongoing – in the flickr album:



Airports and cultures

Leaving my home for the airport and a long flight with 3 stops on a journey westwards already gives me a buzz.
Standing in line for the Copenhagen luggage check with a couple of sikhs speaking hindi makes me shiver, reminding me of my beloved India.
In Paris I smile again of joy, hearing two intello-parisians discussing in their well-articulated french.
CDGI am observing these people from all over the world, thrilled, again, by the diversity. At the same time they are cultures and countries that I know well. The thrill is also about the joy of recognizing what is well known?
Cultures meeting? in the airports? Not really, they are merely passing busily by one another it seems.

Later I am arriving in Atlanta, USA and experience another kind of culture shock, it is completely new territory to me and I find myself observing with an amazed kind of wonder.
First impressions – and lots to explore!

Gyldenris på Amager Fælled

De sidste 8 uger har jeg været i gang med at fjerne Gyldenris på Amager Fælled.
Gyldenris (Solidago canadensis) er en invasiv planteart som breder sig på bekostning af alle andre planter og arbejdet er en del af min nytteaktivering som arbejdsløs.
canadisk gyldenris01

Som naturelsker og landskabsarkitekt giver det god mening for mig at hjælpe naturens mangfoldighed på vej ved at fjerne destruktive planter der forsøger at overtage det hele.

Sammen med de søde mennesker i mit lille arbejdsteam  hygger vi os og og får stille og roligt gjort et stort indhug i fælledens gyldenris-areal. Der er ingen stress og arbejdslederne gør en fin indsats for at holde en god positiv tone, vel vidende at vores (økonomiske, jobmæssige, … ) situation er en stressfaktor i sig selv.
Vejret har været fantastisk indtil nu.

Min tilgang har fra starten været at tage det som et eventyr, være positiv, åben og nysgerrig.  Det er jo unik chance til at få lejlighed til at opleve noget helt andet og møde mennesker fra vidt forskellige miljøer og baggrunde.
Hvordan bliver man behandlet i ‘bunden’ af systemet?

Jeg kan godt se at det ikke er alle der deler min synsvinkel. Nogle af mine aktiveringsfæller har en meget dårlig oplevelse af forløbet. Man kommer jo ikke udenom at det er tvungen aktivering, for mennesker som er pressede i forvejen. Nogle vil mene at det er en straf.
gyldenris03Personligt har jeg nogle enkelte kritikpunkter:

Mødetiden 11.30 til 15.30 som ikke kan ændres.  Det saboterer min dag og den intensive jobsøgning jeg var i gang med før. Beskeden fra oven er at vi må ikke skifte til formiddagsholdet (8-12), det er en politisk beslutning.

Der er officielt ikke indlagt pauser og der er ikke en spisepause, dvs. det forventes at vi har spist inden vi kommer ved 11/11.30-tiden. Det er ikke holdbart for alle, mig selv inklusive, at spise frokost kl 10/10.30. Så vi sniger os til at spise medbragt mad ude i marken.

Det er tydeligt at alting ikke er gennemtænkt, praktisk og menneskeligt, af beslutningstagerne.

Nå ja – nogle gange er der ikke river nok… CAB04

Baggrunden for at jeg overhovedet er endt i nytteaktivering er, at jeg har været på dagpenge i over to år.

Når der er gået to år på dagpenge er den nuværende ordning sådan at man kommer på midlertidig arbejdsmarkedsydelse. Tidigere har der været andre ordninger, altsammen noget som politikerne har vedtaget som en slags nødløsning for alle de ledige der ‘falder ud af’ dagpengesystemet efter 2 år.

Når man starter på midlertidig arbejdsmarkedsydelse skal man i aktivering i 13 uger. Aktivering kan være et job med løntilskud, 4 ugers virksomhedspraktik eller også bliver man sendt ud i jobcentrets valg af nytteaktivering som det jeg er i hos CAB – Center for afklaring og beskæftigelse.

Det er en kompleks historie da jeg ud over at være arbejdsløs også er i gang med at starte op som selvstændig fotograf. Jeg kan bare ikke leve af at være fotograf endnu. Tror jeg i hvert fald.
Indtil videre fortsætter jeg med at gøre hvad jeg kan for at befri naturen på Amager.

People’s Climate March in Copenhagen

Do you know Avaaz?
Avaaz is the organisation – or platform you could say – that was the reason why people all over the world on the 21rst of September went out in the streets to show their concern about climate change.

Making it The biggest climate march ever !

I was part of creating the event in Copenhagen, together with around 10 other people. We all volunteered when we first heard about the event a few months ago.
In the small marketing and communication group of just 3 people, I became the graphic designer. It was meaningful and fun work and happened with an amazing ease.

Out of almost nothing and with no funding, except small amounts that we put in ourselves, we managed to arrange a beautiful day with a fantastic program – both serious and entertaining, with a warm atmosphere and a lot of concerned people wearing green clothes, making me so proud and touched (-:

A great learning experience of how much we can create – together.

I was also photographer of the event. Watch the flickr slideshow:

The mission of Avaaz is to “organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want”.
It is a global movement consisting of the people itself, organizing themselves via the internet across the planet to influence people of power and create change and a better world.
Everybody can be part of it!

Avaaz means voice in several languages.

A world of startups

In the early summer I did a bunch of of jobs for the Madrid-based company Tyba, who seeks to match companies with job-seeking candidates through ensuring a high visual quality of the content displayed on the Tyba website.

I was delighted to discover that the current front page photo is taken by me: Check for yourself.
140801_tyba_frontpage_screenshot_2All over Europe, Tyba goes to the larger cities and with a local photographer visits companies, that typically are driven by young and passionate people, to portrait, document and interview the company and its people. 
Tyba Wants To Be The Airbnb of Recruiting is a good way to explain the Tyba concept.

Being a photographer with Tyba was a rich experience in many ways. I spent some days walking around with one or two employees from Tyba, from one company to another and at the same time acting as a pathfinder through Copenhagen for the Tyba people. I really enjoy guiding and helping people around, throwing in some tourist or local urban curiosity information, so it was just perfect.
For myself I also got confirmed how I love to portrait and document the interaction of people and space, making this a perfect job for me.

While Tyba explored Copenhagen, I discovered a whole new world of lots and lots of young upcoming companies, called startups. You may know some of them already – it is places like Dropbox, Endomondo, Vivino, GoMore (Denmark), BlaBlaCar (UK) – and I could go on.

To me it was extremely inspiring to visit all these different companies, feel the fresh energy and enthusiasm of the companies and the passionate employees, and how this energy was reflected (or not) in the interiors, concepts and strategies. A small peak into the business world, previously unknown to me.
Since I myself am starting up my company it is also inspiring to see how it can be done. And I know what a struggle it can be to find the right job.

Here are a few of the company pages where I was the photographer:

And I also visited: Conferize, MinbilDinbil, Kiggit, Shape, Leikr, Billy’s Billing, Bloggers Delight, EasySize, GoMore, SimpleSite, HTML24 and Pinstriped.

Go explore more of the companies on Tyba.

Shining Sundance

A few impressions from my third Sundance.
It was again a time filled with beauty: The forest, the people, the ceremonies, the community spirit and work.
We were blessed by the most amazing weather: sunny and dry with degrees up to 30°, very unusual for Denmark. Truly it was a SUN dance.
Shortly after the dance stopped, big dark clouds pulled up in the distant sky…

We put in a lot of work building up and preparing the camp, community and cermony – and experiencing it so rewarding in return – high magical energy. A new level. Everybody shining.

Our beloved Sundance Chief and teacher WindEagle is such a pleasure to have among us throughout the Ceremony. Here she is sharing her wisdom, speaking by the fire before the dance begins.
Below the Sundance logde after the dance. I love how the feet of the dancers stamp their traces of the eight directions into the earth.

Preparing for the tree

The tree is waiting.

I am spending 10 days and nights in nature, living in my tent in a forest in northern Jutland, Denmark. Together with a group of people we are building a small temporary community of around 50 people. All installations are removed when we leave, leaving no trace, only more beautiful.

sundance sunriseOur preparations have as objective the actual Sundance, a deep ceremony of dancing, drumming and singing.

The center of the dance is a tree; symbolising Life and the connection between earth and sky. Body and spirit.
We are dancing to and around the tree to celebrate life and by doing so creating a high vibration of energy that will spread out and bring life and heighten the vibrations around the planet.
Deep down we are doing our part in creating a better world with all the work we put into this ceremony, the preparations and support, prayers, intentions, dancing, drumming, singing.

sundance_03These days I am tuning in to what I am bringing to the tree this year. What is my prayer, my giveaway and what do I wish to develop, what am I working with in myself?

Last year I experienced huge healing and growing my power through giving my pain, sorrow and old wounds to the drum and tree. Getting fresh energy and power back in the most beautiful way.

This year I am holding a question about how to create flow and make my life work.
What am I REALLY here for?

Høslæt på Kildeengen

Hvert år samles en flok naturelskere for at praktisere det gamle håndværk leslåning ved et stort høslæt på Kildeengen ved Hvalsø sydvest for Roskilde.
Engen ligger i Bistrup skovene hvor der er vild natur og sjældne arter blandt dyr og planter. Jeg er ikke biolog eller skovmand som mange af mine medfæller på engen den dag, men min fornemmelse er, at det er noget af det tætteste vi kommer på oprindelig ægte natur i Danmark.

Et skønt naturområde hvor jeg gerne kommer igen for at gå på opdagelse og blive næret af naturens fred og gode energi.
Engperlemorsommerfugl er en ef de sjældne arter som flaksede rundt i stort antal blandt engens blomster.

hoeslet_kildeengen03hoeslet_kildeengen04Dejligt at tilbringe en dag i naturen med et så meningsfuldt fokus: at pleje naturen. Og smukt at opleve folk gå op i at passe på naturen og bruge en dag på denne måde. Der var sørget for  frokost og et festmåltid med grillet rådyr ved dagens afslutning.

hoeslet_kildeengen07Leen spiller en stor rolle i høslættet, hos både store og små lesvingere.
Dog er der lige så meget arbejde med at rive sammen og slæbe væk efterfølgende. Det afskårne græs rives sammen og fjernes fra engen for at give luft og lys til ny vækst.hoeslet_kildeengen07


Danmarks Naturfredningsforening  har andre høslæts-arrangementer hen over sommeren rundt omkring i Danmark:
Wikipedia om høslæt.

Every year a bunch of nature lovers gather up in a big hay harvest to practice the old craft of scything. The meadow is a beautiful area with natural forest and rare species of butterflies and flowers. Wonderful to experience people taking care of nature, both young and old working with the scythe and helping to gather and remove the cut grasses.

Art of Dreaming Council Guides

The journey of becoming a certified Council Guide have come to an end.

As part of a group of seekers I have for 3 years been studying ancient native american wisdom. Starting out with Art of Dreaming, a 2-year programme focused on self development and inner leadership, 10 of us subsequently created an additional year for our own Council Guide Training which allows and certifies us to teach the tools and wisdom as Council Guides.

A year ago we were in Mexico  for the final Art of Dreaming ceremony and this year we had chosen to go to the beautiful danish island Samsø for our final ceremony with our beloved teachers.


We are now ready to go out in the world and spread the wisdom further. Here we come!

My aim all the way has been a curious desire to go deeper, explore and discover. Starting with myself.
Still is.

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