Yucatan itinerary

Here is our travel itinerary for Yucatan. I have been thinking that it might be useful for other travelers, as we ourselves had doubts about the distances and time needed.
We came a long way in just 10 days.

We asked several people about distances and travel time to work out a realistic plan. It is not an itinerary that leaves loads of time in all places and we could definitely have used a few days more in most of the places. Our days were long and we spent a lot of time in the car.

However it was all justified as we enjoyed to experience the differences between the flat northern Yucatan peninsula to the highland in the south. We loved the changing landscapes, the lush humid rainforest at Palenque and the bright cool highlands as well as the dry north with its endless jungle stretches, beaches and cenotes…
in front of our jeepFirst we spent 10 days around Tulum in a larger group. Then 10 days on the road. In hindsight we could have used one to three of the Tulum days on the roadtrip instead.

2 may: arrival Cancun, Hotel Marriot Courtyard
3-8 may: Punta Allen: Sol Caribe, Sol Caribe
9 may: Tulum Pueblo (Center), Tankah Inn
10 may: Tulum ruins + Tulum Playa, Tankah Inn
11 may:Coba ruins + Gran Cenote, Tankah Inn
12 may: drive Tankah – Palenque, Margarita&Ed
13 may: Palenque ruins, Margarita&Ed
14 may: drive Palenque – Misol Ha – San Cristobal, Na Bolom
15 may: San Cristobal de las Casas, Na Bolom
16 may: drive San Cristobal – Agua Azul – Palenque, Margarita&Ed
17 may: drive Palenque-Sabancuy-Celestun, Hotel Los Manglares
18 may: Celestun – Uxmal, Hacienda Uxmal
19 may: Uxmal – and arrival at Chichén Itzá, The Lodge at Chichén Itzá
20 may: Chichén Itzá – and arrival in Valladolid, Casa Hamaca
21 may: Valladolid – Cancun Airport

Below the map overview from my sketch book. yucatan itinerary sketch

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